80th Birthday Celebration

The best present to give someone who is turning 80 is an afternoon of family and friends gathering together to celebrate life on this milestone birthday. Invite the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, friends and neighbors. The memories that will be made on this day will last for many years to come. Take plenty of pictures of this historic moment in your family.

Earlly 1930's Children's Birthday Party

Early 1930's Children's Birthday Party

I have a passion and mission to help create the best life for seniors. This site provides you with ideas for planning an 80th birthday party, party themes, menus, presents, gifts and cards. I work with seniors on a daily basis and understand some of their needs and wants. Often they are not aware of some of the products available today that would make their lives easier. Some have embraced technology while others are still using ways of the past.

Present Ideas for an 80th Birthday

New York Worlds Fair 1939

How the Future Looked in 1939

  • Birthday Greeting from Our President
  • Large Print Books or Magazines
  • Cell Phone Designed for Seniors
  • Medical Alert System
  • Medical ID Bracelets
  • Spring Cleaning of Home
  • Newspaper of the Day They Were Born
  • CD of Favorite Oldies
  • Stationary, Cards and Stamps
  • Magnifying Lens
  • Easy to Use Remote Controls
  • Photo Albums of Family Memories
  • Aging in Place Remodel
  • Family Cruise

Your 80th birthday celebrates a long journey full of wonderful experiences.

There are resources available online to find a newspaper that was printed on the day they were born.

Our president will send them a personalized birthday greeting to celebrate their special occasion.

This site is dedicated to everyone who is turning 80 and their friends, family and neighbors. Their journey through the years has taken them from horse and buggy to landing on the moon.

The wealth of family history is in their memories and it is important to listen to their stories. Several years ago I attended an 80th birthday party where the grandchildren put together a skit “This is Your Life” about the life and journey of the person being honored. It was memorable and fun. Start planning today to make your loved ones 80th Birthday Celebration a memorable one.

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